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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  April 8, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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>> good night, everyone. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- tracy morgan from "transcendence" kate mara and music from birds of tokyo with cleto and the cletones. and now, before i forget, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ "jimmy kimmel live" ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. thank you for watching. thank you for clapping.
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thank you for -- thank you for everything. [ cheers and applause ] especially for standing out in an unusually hot -- it was very warm here today. actually hot. 88 degrees here in hollywood. that's 16 degrees hotter than normal. i don't know what is going on. this winter never came this year. just like "game of thrones" they said it would. it didn't come. there is an unusual event going on. the earth which is the planet we live on. the sun, you know the sun. and mars, will all aalign. in a straight line with mars and the sun. it is as if god is shooting pool with us. this happens every two years. mars will be visible all night tonight. it is ten times brighter tonight than any star in the sky. remember the sky from back before texting. remember? it's up, in that area. hey, last night in arlington,
11:37 pm
uconn huskies beat the wildcats to win the tournament, not only are they the ncaa champs, according to heather,000 chi ch the u-conn huskies are the 2014 naacp national champs. >> she got the year right. [ cheers and applause ] the important thing is she is blond and she's got great teeth. as you might imagine much celebration around the connecticut campus last night. stop signs were torn down. like, yeah that one for instance. this streetlight got smashed with a stick for no real reason. ha-h madness. this car got -- i've don't know. threw a whole ikea at the car. more than 30 people were arrested. it was a lot of fun.
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and so, that's how uconn fans sell greate greated -- celebrat. this is how kentucky fans mourned their loss. the same up in a mosh fit. set 17 couches on fire. who knows how many ottomans lost their lives. kentucky fans burned couch to celebrate the game they won saturday. they burn couches when they win, when they lose. lexington is a terrible place to be a couch. this is pretty crazy. this happened yesterday on the a train to brooklyn. there was a rat on the train. a rat was loose. and fortunately, someone had the good sense to shoot video of this. watch this. it avenue the subway. that's the rat. ha-ha-ha. everyone, everyone-doing leg
11:39 pm
lifts. everyone is standing on top of the seats. to get away from this -- and -- i'll tell you something. never would have happened when bloomberg was mayor. never would have happened. this is kind of crazy. this is not what you would want on your feet with a rat on the train. i read online it is fashionable to wear socks with sandals. this season, celebrities and fashion icons are wearing sports socks with sandals and bishgen stockbishgen -- birkenstocks. the olsen twins were wearing socks and sandals at the airport to get through security faster you. don't want your feet on the bare floor. now a full-fledged trend. i don't know much about nation. if an olsen twin is wearing it. a year from now we well all be wearing it. why are we letting the olsen twins what to wear. we can't tell them apart. we don't know. it's interesting, when they lack of style becomes style.
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in fact, this socks and sandals thing has given me a great idea for a clothing store of my own. kids, teens, fashionistas, looking for the hottest styles and trends but don't want to pay expensive prices. head to dad's. dad's has fashionable trend that are ironically hip. sandals and socks, patent leather shoes with shorts. big white sneakers. high waisted chinos. and dad has the dung aarees. hawaiian shirts tucked into the perfect pleated pants. you are too old to let mom dress you. so let dad. dad's -- where fashion goes to die. [ applause ] >> i don't know if you heard about this. but some very sad news here in hollywood this weekend. oscar, emmy golden globe winning
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actor, mickey rooney passed away at the ripe old age of 93. a show business legend. for almost his entire life. a child star. 14 months old first time he appeared on stage. true. one of the first superstars. unfortunately, word of his super stardom did not make it to some of our nation's news anchors, many of whom got mickey confused with a recently deceased rooney. >> andy rooney, the pint sized actor giant on stage and screen has died. >> we'll look back at andy rooney's career. >> andy rooney. >> those were great old movies with andy rooney. >> andy roony was 93 years old. >> you know i grew up with andy rooney. >> dead you realid you really. >> andy rooney was 93. >> andy rooney dies at 93. >> i hate when that happens.
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[ applause ] >> enough with that. it is time to play everyone's favorite game show. ♪ "name that famous celebrity." here i am now. first let's get to go our contestants guests on tonight's show, welcome, kate mara and tracy morgan. [ applause ] there they are. have either of you played name that famous celebrity before. >> uh-uh uh. >> no. >> never played. this will be exciting. introduce the star of the game. met this man many years ago outside a movie theater. his hobby, coercing celebrities to take pictures with him. please say hello to yaya.
11:43 pm
>> how are you? >> yaya. god bless you, yaya. so great to have you here. >> thank you. >> good bless you. >> funny guy. >> that's tracy. >> how are you? >> i'm doing well. >> that never happens. >> bless you guy too. god bless you forever. >> good bless you, yaya. you have taken pictures with thousand of celebrities. of all which was your favorite? >> my favorite, die or life? >> either one. >> charles bronson. charles bronson. steve mcqueen. >> charles bronson. >> steve mcqueen. marlon brando. 1966. saw him. skinny, long time before he died become fat after. >> jimmy: yes, yeah. yeah. here's how the game works. you have a taste of yaya now. contestants, put on blindfold if you don't mind. we will show yaya, a photograph of a famous celebrity.
11:44 pm
yaya will describe the celebrity to the best of his ability. without saying the person's name. >> no, i dow not say the name. >> if you say the name. it will ruin the game. >> i drink cafe, and wake up now. >> i can't see. >> yaya called me mohamed ali outside. mohamed ali. >> i don't know, mohamed ali is better. a champion. >> jimmy: very good. yaya. kate, tracy, do one? do this? when you think you know who, yaya is describing. go ahead, buzz in. all right. you know where your buzzer is? right there in front of you. yaya. >> yes. >> please describe this famous celebrity. >> oh. the guy that smokes cigar. i'll be back. >> tracy! >> schwarzenegger. >> that its absolutely right.
11:45 pm
arnold schwarzenegger. yaya, describe this famous celebrity. no, no. >> what? >> the lady, she is african-american, does show in new york. >> kate. >> whitney houston. >> she does a show in the morning with six women next to her. >> what? >> shoe do the movie ghost. >> tracy? >> whoopi goldberg! >> that is it. >> of whoopi goldberg. >> jimmy: we're going to take a break. when we come back, the thrilling conclusion to "name that famous celebrity" with tracy morgan, kate mara and yaya too. ♪ ♪ it's back, but not for long, olive garden's 'buy one, take one,' starting at just $12.99. enjoy dinner tonight
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. later on we'll have music from bird of tokyo. we're currently in the middle of a fierce round of "name that famous celebrity" with tracy morgan and kate mara, our old pal yehya is here giving the clues. tracy-v you ever been blindfolded before? >> i'd rather not speak on that. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: kate, have you ever been on a game show before? >> i have been blindfolded before. >> jimmy: you have been blindfolded. >> yeah. but not on a game show 37 clearly. >> jimmy: very good. well, go ahead and put your blindfolds back on. >> i'm scared of the dark. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yehya, you once again, you know what you have to do. and again, i'm going to remind you, please don't say the name. >> i won't say the name. i'm sorry. but they don't know also. >> jimmy: i'm sorry? >> i say the name, they forget. >> jimmy: yeah, but -- do want to say before we go any further. i want to say god bless you. >> god bless you.
11:51 pm
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: yehya, describe this famous celebrity. >> oh, the lady, she dance like with underwear. [ laughter ] she is young. she dance like crazy, you know, with everything. oh, she dance with the horse now. >> a horse? >> yes. >> my grandmother's not a celebrity. [ laughter ] >> she's music, big, young girl. >> jimmy: kate. >> britney spears. >> no. very close. >> ah. christina aguillera. >> no. very close too. >> ah. >> she's big now. >> rihanna. >> no. like bikini. like with the horse. she brought the wand. >> jimmy: go ahead. tracy. >> i didn't get the buzzer! >> jimmy: it's okay. something -- >> oh. >> miley cyrus! >> miley cyrus.
11:52 pm
>> you said she danced like crazy. >> i said that. sorry. >> everybody dance like crazy. >> jimmy: miley cyrus in that photograph is sticking her tongue out at you. did you ask her to do that or -- >> no. she do always like that. [ laughter ] not for me. i'm old, jimmy, for her. >> jimmy: tracy has a commanding lead with 300 points. >> we need a mechanic to come here and fix the battery. >> jimmy: reset now, tracy. you're all set. our next celebrity is, yehya. >> oh. >> jimmy: yes. that the guy he do like white towels, he sit in the big chair like washington. you know? he make show on tv. >> jimmy: yes, kate? >> kevin spacey! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it makes sense. >> see the picture. he sits like that. >> jimmy: that is kate's show. >> my boyfriend, yeah. >> jimmy: kate is in the game.
11:53 pm
let's go to our next celebrity. yehya, please describe this person. >> oh. >> jimmy: yes. >> this guy, he's very funny and make movie with bruce willis. >> oh. yes. i messed up. i know. >> listen. wait. wait. he make movie with bruce willis and -- >> will smith! >> no. >> what? >> on tv. >> oh, tracy morgan! [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't know who make a movie with -- i don't know. >> you don't know yourself. >> i don't know myself. i don't know myself. i am afraid. >> okay. sorry. >> jimmy: god bless you. okay? >> god bless you. >> i'm fredo. >> jimmy: our next round is worth 300 points. our next round is worth 300 points. so kate, you can tie this. >> okay. >> jimmy: and that's really the only reason i made it 300
11:54 pm
points. all right, yehya, describe this famous celebrity, please. >> oh. that the guy -- he have like a special hat. like leather hat. >> jimmy: yes, kate. >> pharrell. >> no. >> jimmy: a good guess. >> he do air force one. he do movie with the -- what his name, the -- >> jimmy: kate. >> harrison ford! [ applause ] >> jimmy: you can see how thrilled harrison is to be with yehya. you can see the pure joy on his face as he posed for that. >> tyson. you remember tyson with his hat -- >> jimmy: yes. tyson ate holyfeen. yeah. our final question. this is for the game. it doesn't matter how many points here. because this is our final celebrity. this is tied. yehya. >> yes.
11:55 pm
>> jimmy: describe this celebrity. >> oh. the guy have a special glasses. music. english guy. he have like many glasses. and the hat. english music. >> oh, no. i was -- no. i was going to say johnny depp. >> jimmy: if you don't know it, pass it over to tracy. >> john denver. >> jimmy: that is not correct. >> he's english. he have glasses. he married. he marry his boyfriend. >> jimmy: he what? >> he marry his boyfriend. >> give me more. >> he what? >> elton john! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: can i ask you a question? >> one more. >> jimmy: no, that's it. is that the boyfriend that he married? >> no, that's me. >> jimmy: oh, that's you? but god bless you. >> god bless you. >> jimmy: god bless all of you. god bless you, tracy. >> do i get to go to disney world?
11:56 pm
>> jimmy: you do get to go to disney world. and tell them what else they get. >> a ceramic dalmatian. it's like a dalmatian but ceramic. available wherever ceramic dogs are sold. >> jimmy: thanks to yehya. thanks to kate and tracy. we'll be right back to chat with tracy morgan! ♪ >> portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by scotts ez seed. grows anywhere, guaranteed. it's got 1080p video, three times zoom, and a twenty-megapixel sensor. it's got the brightest display, so i can see what i'm shooting -- even outdoors, and 4 mics that capture incredible sound. plus, it has apps like vine -- and free cloud storage. my new lumia icon is so great, even our wipeouts look amazing. ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪ ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ whoa, what's that?
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>> jimmy: tonight on the program starting next friday you can see her in the new movie "transcendence" kate mara is here. and then their ep is called "lanterns." birds of tokyo making their us television debut from the at&t stage. they're from perth. guys here allegedly architects. they're not architects. that's ridiculous. tomorrow night kate upton will be here, cole hauser will join us. we'll have music from neon trees and a visit from channing tatum and jonah hill. and on thursday seth macfarlane, paul bettany, music from sam smith and we have something
12:01 am
fun planned with drake too. with something fun for us too. our first guest is a preposterously funny man who entertains, delights and impregnates everywhere he goes. you can hear him in the new movie "rio 2" starting friday and his new standup special "tracy morgan: bona fide" premieres april 20th on comedy central. please welcome tracy morgan. >> jimmy: tracy. you don't have to, you are not, you don't have to be blindfolded for this. this segment. this is a blindfold free segment. >> you haven't told me to take it off yet. >> jimmy: you can take it off. >> i follow instructions. >> jimmy: thank you for
12:02 am
following instructions. how are you doing? >> i am good. >> you want these back. you can keep those. they're yours. yeah, souvenir. >> we will use these. these go perfect with my black leather mask with the zipper in the back. >> jimmy: the last time you were here, you just had a baby girl, just had a daughter. >> who? when? what? me, i just had a baby girl. >> jimmy: how old is sunny. >> 9 months. just had a beautiful baby girl. i also got a shotgun, shovel, and an alibi. does she travel with you? >> yes went to miami with the rio premiere. >> jimmy: you took your girl to miami? >> when you go to miami different with the family than with the dudes.
12:03 am
i remember going with the dudes. go with the family. you have to wear black dress socks, sandals, shorts. like you retired. when you are with the dudes. >> jimmy: with the wolfpack? >> with the wolfpack. your alter ego comes out, chico divine. chico divine. into say decadence and debauchery. say it! >> when chico was being decadent? >> he got me kicked out of prince's house. >> jimmy: how did chico get kicked out of prince any house? who threw chico out? >> prince did. as we walked out the door,
12:04 am
chico, pulled his face close and said when doves cry. >> prince was scared. chico. prince is pretty. i swear, i saw a little bit of tongue come out of chico's mouth look this. because prince got that little mole. chico went, uh, made a little grunt, said, uh-huh. i stayed away from chico. buried chico. >> jimmy: are you getting married any time soon had a fiancee for a while. >> are we getting married? i stay clear of that. i stay clear of it. that's the lady's day. she says "shut up and show up." >> jimmy: do you have a plan? is there a date? anything like that? >> i am going to leave that. that's the lady's decision. whennen she wan eshe wants to m happen. i got my shoes shined up. i am not embarrassed.
12:05 am
wear look a pink suit, blue chuck tailors or cleats. you know the vince lombardi cleats, turn up in the front. >> jimmy: they still make those, the ponies. >> remember ponies, little stripe on the side. little cleats. >> jimmy: you are not taking the wedding seriously. >> what? you trying to get me kicked out. i live on the east coast. >> jimmy: do you still have the aquarium in your house with the sharks. >> the sharks. they're doing great. >> jimmy: what else do you have? >> an octopus. >> jimmy: in your home? >> yeah, a south pacific octopus. what's her name? >> octopus. >> jimmy: the name. do the sharks have, sharks have names? >> no. sharky. >> jimmy: is that something -- >> i kneel like noah, so many animals. >> jimmy: did you see the movie
12:06 am
"noah?" >> i saw the movie "noah." kevin hart, made more money than noah. >> jimmy: it did? >> that's in the bible. >> jimmy: you went to see the movie? >> "noah" was crazy. how could you build the boat back then with no power tools, no sears back then. 40 cubic what was the conversation on the ark. noah woke up. hey, it stink in here. where that giraffe go? noah's son was timothy. timothy. >> jimmy: his name was timothy. your special was funny. you shot it at brooklyn academy of music.
12:07 am
your old stomping grounds. >> down the block. >> jimmy: did fament lythe fami your old friends? >> everybody i owe money to came. they showed up. they weren't at the comedy. i want my $12. >> jimmy: do people tell you? >> my aunt show up. she was a crackhead. >> jimmy: what's her name? you have an aunt who is a crackhead? >> we all do. oh, white people say "substance abuse abusers." >> jimmy: so she showed up at the show. did she have the ticket -- >> jimmy: are you okay. >> yeah, i am choking. >> jimmy: do you need the heimlich. >> if i was okay. i wouldn't choke. she had no ticket. they know how to get in. get in with a spam key. >> jimmy: did she get backstage to speak to you? >> yeah, she got backstage to speak to me. >> jimmy: and how did that go? >> listen, i am not giving
12:08 am
nobody. it was crazy because, listen. my aunt, she's, drugs you, know what i mean. i just got, i used, i used to be involved in that groiwing up. i got tired of people bringing me $3 and 200 pennies. i was like -- it was crazy. then one year, i was mad at her, she came, i was mad at her. one christmas, she brought me a gameboy, remember the gameboy. she brought me the gameboy. then she stole it. then she helped me look for it. why did you buy me a gameboy, steal it, help me look for it. she said "i have to eliminate myself as a suspect." >> jimmy: tracy morgan, everybody. we will be right back. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ nobody told us to expect it...
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>> who is ready for a tropical adventure? >> we didn't do a head count. hey, guys, wait up! >> ah-ha! >> hey, come back! they left without me. again! that's messed up. hmm. >> in "rio 2" it opens friday. that's exciting with the, the movie like that. right? >> yeah, you know it is fun. because my brand new daughter is 9 months. that is for her.
12:15 am
dedicate fod for her. >> jimmy: something that will be around forever. >> everything that i do. i don't want to be tracy morgan over the top, top, top. i want to leave something mine legacy for my daughter to look at now. enjoy with me. when she hears my voice she goes crazy. >> jimmy: she does. she has seen the movie? she recognizes it. >> whenever she sees, she is backstage right now. looking at this. she see daddy. >> jimmy: it's got to be very confusing. as a kid. [ applause ] trying to imagine watching a dog and hearing my father's voicein. >> her grandmother. he knows i am in the movie. >> jimmy: will he go to see it? is he involved? >> no, i said grandpa, you seen me in the movies? no. he only like the karate kid. he doesn't speak that good.
12:16 am
i found out later he was talking about the karate kid. some body tore off the box, it says -- 'rate kid. >> i was down the block at the improv. he had heard about it. he came he said, tracy, i heard you performing at the "improve." improv, grandpa. but he say "improve." >> jimmy: he never comes to the shows the? >> no, he is 84 years old. he is my biggest fan in the world. you know. >> jimmy: well it doesn't sound like it. ha-ha. pretty sure i am a bigger fan than he is to be honest with you. >> get out! >> jimmy: what else -- >> over there at the "improve." >> jimmy: remember watching old comics wift yo s with your gran. something you did together.
12:17 am
>> he was more into the news. how i know who bill butell is, do you know who bill butell is, bill butell. eyewitness news. there goats that newsman again. bill butell. name my next child will be bill butell. prescription >> jimmy: do you think you will have more children? >> yeah, i have a production company that does that stuff. i was in miami. doing karate, getting girls pregnant. hi-ya! >> jimmy: doing karate, getting girls pregnant. and "rio 2" friday. we'll be right back with kate mara! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:18 am
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>> jimmy: our next guest tonight is perhaps the opposite of our first guest tonight. not running around playing poker and getting people pregnant, you know her from "house of cards" and her new with johnny depp called "transcendence" opens in theatres april 18th. please say hello to kate mara. >> how are you? >> jimmy: very good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> jimmy: i mention this every team you are here. it is mind bog tulg ging to me. your great grand fathers founded the pittsburgh steelers? >> yes. impressive. >> jimmy: which team do you side with in general? >> mad at my mom i root for the
12:24 am
giants. if i am pissed at my dad i root for the steelers. >> jimmy: in the situation do you know the players or involved at all with the actual team? >> there are certain player that have been around a really long time. that have seen me grow up. but i still get. i don't get nervous meeting most actors. but whenever i see a certain football players i get really crazy. >> jimmy: who? >> michael strahan, have known a long time. been on his show. every time i see him at a party he recognizes me, i geek out. >> jimmy: really? you said most actors you don't get nervous about. which ones, celebrities do you get nervous about? >> um, well i have this, you know, like i think a lot of people do, i have this thing about oprah. and i met her recently. and instead of look getting super nervous and talking a lot like a lot of people do when they meet some one they're excited about. i do embarrassingly i do the
12:25 am
opposite. i get super aloof and pretend like i don't give a [ bleep ]. i met her at a very small party. i saw her. introduced to her. hey, what's up, oprah? and then, i just walked away. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> i feel look i just ruined it. >> jimmy: that was it, you didn't have a conversation? >> no, 20 people. i was on the other side of the room. i was so nervous. it's just, haunt me now for the rest of my life. >> jimmy: really. you should probably reach out. because you know you could go to hell for doing something like that. >> yeah, it's true. >> jimmy: you tweeted something, i thought was interesting last week. you tweeted "getting drunk listening to one direction." did that really happen? >> it happens like most nights. >> jimmy: it does. >> yeah. yeah.
12:26 am
>> jimmy: you are a fan of one direction? and getting drunk as well, i guess? >> yeah, getting drunk to me like is a glass of wine. but, yeah, have you seen harry styles' face? you guys have. >> jimmy: it doesn't have the same effect on me that maybe it does on you. but tell also but his face, what is it you like about it? >> it's just -- >> jimmy: he is kind of an adorable kid. isn't he like 9 years old. >> yes, yeah, yeah. i know embarrassing. >> jimmy: you love their muse schneck a -- their music. >> jimmy: their names, go through them all. [ bleep ]. >> harry. >> jimmy: there is harry. >> niles. and liam. and -- anyone -- >> jimmy: you don't love one direction. this tells me you are drinking too much when you are listening. you forgot kieren.
12:27 am
>> jimmy: i made that one up. >> kieren? >> jimmy: have you met harry? >> no. >> jimmy: would you look to or give him the oprah treatment. you are rude and have to go sit in the corner. >> i feel like harry, i play it cool. i mean -- i -- i would turn into like a 14-year-old. >> jimmy: what does your boyfriend think about the fascination with one direction? >> well, strangely enough the only reason i am aware of one direction is because -- max migella and dillon o'brien introduced me to their music. you would think they would not look it. but, yeah, that's the reason. >> jimmy: introduced you to their music. an interesting way of putting it. yeah. like, what did you guys do, go to the mall? is that how you were introduced. >> we were on a party bus. ironically. >> jimmy: babysitting.
12:28 am
>> i'd babysit one direction anyday. >> jimmy: how long in your opinion. and "house of cards" released the first season in one shot. released the whole second season the i don't want to say too much about it. hong how long do you think -- >> dead you heid you hear that? >> there was a moan. >> jimmy: don't want to ruin things? >> two months is a long time. >> jimmy: if something happened to your character that -- you had to keep secret. >> are you trying to get me to say it? >> jimmy: wondering if it is okay to say. i think you would be the best judge of anyone. >> yeah, i lied about it for two years. now after two months. if you haven't watched it yet, it's safe to say, i feel look i can just say that i got -- scared to say it now. i feel look -- >> maybe just not say it then. >> i am not going to say it.
12:29 am
>> jimmy: don't say it. much more enticing now. i know what happened. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but the audience's imagination is running wild. >> just don't piss kevin spacey off. you will be safe. >> jimmy: very good advice. johnny depp is your co-star in the movie. it didn't seem look you had any scene together in the movie. >> no. and -- and all anybody wants to know its -- what it's look working with johnny depp. i only met him for the first time at the press junket. >> jimmy: where you met? >> we have no scenes together. >> jimmy: you have no idea. >> i'm sure it is great. i hear you guys. >> jimmy: we kissed last night. his lips taste like bubblegum. we do have a clip from the film. >> great. >> jimmy: does it need to be set up in any way. >> i don't know, i don't know what it is. >> jimmy: you are in no way associated with johnny depp. >> we know what you are building.
12:30 am
>> she connects to the internet. the first thing it will do is copy on every network in the world. there is no taking it down. >> where is she? >> the danger we face, doctors are technicians not physicians. >> they're your words. >> you want to save her or not? >> we have a location. >> 4405 san pablo. >> let's go! let's go! >> do you hear me? don't touch me. >> that is "transcendence." opens april 18th. kate mara. thank you, kate. >> we'll be right back with bird of tokyo! ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by a-t-and-t. rethink possible.
12:31 am
12:32 am
>> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by a-t-and-t. rethink possible. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank tracy morgan, kate mara, and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. nightline is next, but first, with the title track from their ep "lanterns" birds of tokyo.
12:33 am
♪ lately i've found when i start to think aloud there's a longing in the sound ♪ ♪ there is more i could be in darkness i leave for a place i've never seen ♪ ♪ it's been calling out to me that is where i should be we never carried days ♪ ♪ on our own but now it's up to us to know ♪ ♪ the weight of being so much more we will find ourselves
12:34 am
on the road ♪ ♪ oh oh oh on we march with a midnight song we will light our way ♪ ♪ with our lanterns on on we march till we meet the dawn we will light our way ♪ ♪ with our lanterns on as we walk out without question without doubt ♪ ♪ in the light that we have found it is finally clear our day has come ♪ ♪ and we'll stand for who we are we are ready we are young we have nothing to fear ♪ ♪ we never carried days
12:35 am
on our own but now it's up to us to know ♪ ♪ the weight of being so much more we will find ourselves on the road ♪ ♪ oh oh oh on we march with a midnight song we will light our way ♪ ♪ with our lanterns on on we march till we meet the dawn we will light our way ♪ ♪ with our lanterns on we held the light to our faces and realized ♪ ♪ we were chasing shadows behind
12:36 am
not worth saving so burn it bright ♪ ♪ forever illuminating on we march with a midnight song we will light our way ♪ ♪ with our lanterns on on we march till we meet the dawn we will light our way ♪ ♪ with our lanterns on hey hey hey on we march with a midnight song ♪ ♪ we will light our way with our lanterns on on we march till we meet the dawn ♪ ♪ we will light our way with our lanterns on our day has come ♪ ♪ and we'll stand for
12:37 am
who we are we are ready we are young we have nothing to fear ♪ thank you very much. this is "nightline" -- >> tonight, oscar pistorius sobbing on the stand describing how he shot his girlfriend. >> the first thing that ran through my mind i needed to arm myself. that i needed to protect and i needed to get my gun. >> will his breakdown make the judge sympathetic or more skeptical? plus it started with this. now our brian ross goes face to face with the controversial coal boss. >> a lot of people despise your views. >> 29 people died in his mine now.


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